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Heartland Printworks is the first to have the wide format CS295 ST-FA German made cruse scanner in the United States. This scanner is considered the finest scanner in the world with the ability to scan images that are almost identical to the original. The Cruse CS 295 ST-FA owned by Heartland Printworks is capable of scanning objects as large as 59 x 96 inches in outside dimensions and objects as thick as 8 inches deep making it the scanner of choice for thousands of situations. File sizes are up to 1.1 gigabytes with 48bit color depth.


The 80mm German Schneider lens can see 90 line pairs in a millimeter with edge to edge sharpness giving scanned objects sharpness across the entire image.

Safety for Fragile Objects

It is the safest wide format scanner for scanning valuable works of art and other fragile objects. Since the original work lies on a flat bed that passes safely under the scanning lens, original art or artifacts are never endangered by the scanner. Perfectly even cold cathode lights that generate absolute minimum heat and UV rays that might be harmful to the works of art provide the lighting.

Because of the unique lighting control the Cruse Scanner can scan objects under glass such as framed watercolors etc.. This allows fragile works to be scanned without removing them from their frame. This can be extremely important in scanning very old documents that cannot be removed from their frames for fear of damage.

Texture of Objects

This allows for safe scanning of objects such as fragile textiles, rare manuscripts, drawings or other delicate objects. In addition, objects can be lit with "texture mode" to reveal a depth, detail and clarity in the final file and print that previously was not possible. This feature is important when scanning paintings or other objects with heavy texture.

Precise Squareness

The wide format scanner table allows for works to be scanned without parallax problems. The scanned image remains precisely square or identical to the original, regardless of its shape.

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